Activity instructions:

It is all in the power point and pretty self-explanatory.

The oil and water sugar cube experiment was fun last year! We made it into a contest (2 people taking turns rapidly shaking the oil and sugar cube and 2 people taking turns and rapidly shaking the water and sugar cube) to see which group can dissolve the fastest. They already had containers, oil, and the sugar cube in the monastery. It is a good experiment for them to understand chemical bonds, like dissolves like, and the cell membrane.

The cancer drawing activity we also did last year. I had cancer slides and we mounted them under a microscope that projected on the screen. It is a good activity to understand tissue made up of cells, structure dictates function, and what cancer means. Having them draw the tissues helps in their understanding. Also, this is all new to them so a basic introduction to how we mount tissues on a slide and staining and microscopy is needed. It is in the ppt and can be further elaborated on.