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    Dadul Namgyal

    In neuroscience, they speak of more than five senses. We know the basic senses: sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing. But there are these other senses that are processed in the brain: proprioception (where ones body parts are and what they are doing), nociception (feeling pain), thermoception (sensing temperature), chronoception (sensing the passage of time), and interoception (internal needs such as hunger and thirst). They make a total of ten senses.

    Are these additional senses really outside of the regular five senses, or are they included in one or more of the regular five senses in the Buddhist context?

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      Tsering Dorji

      There is a distinction between དབང་པོ་ལྔ་ and དབང་ཤེས་དྲུག་

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